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As Stay Property Company, we offer private mortgage advantages for the properties you want to purchase from our company. You can benefit from bank loan (mortgage) opportunities with favorable interest rates which agreement banks prepare specifically for our company’s customers. We help you to use bank credit by interest rates lower market’s housing credit and under the conditions you have advantage. You can use bank credit under the most suitable conditions for the properties you plan to buy and then you can pay back without any difficulty. As Stay Property Company, we are continuing to meet your needs in maximum quality. We help you in procedures such like having the credit amount suitable for Property value approved by the bank.

Support of Stay Property in your Applications to Housing Credit!

You don’t need to worry about your applications to Housing credit (mortgage). Do not think of which documents I should prepare, if my credit is approved, when my credit is concluded. As Stay Property Company, we accompany you in all these periods and offer you company support. Our skilled staff will accompany you to prepare documents for Mortgage and also required to deliver to the bank.  Our skilled staff working in this field completes quickly all the procedures to prepare your documents, deliver to the bank and apply for a loan. Our experts follow the credit evaluation and approval processes through the bank. They take precautions against possible problems and conduct all kinds of work to have your credit approved.

After the credit you applied is approved, we inform our customers. We begin the processes immediately in case you approve and we follow the legal processes studiously. Our company staff will give assistance in expertise analyses required by housing credits. You can follow all the processes of document preparation, delivering to the bank, applying for a credit and approval processes, if you wish. In all these processes, we think of comfort and satisfaction of our customers who preferred our company. We carry out all the work required to complete procedures in a reliable and quick manner. We offer favorable credit alternatives as company for the properties you bought from our property company, Stay Property below the market conditions.

Documents required applying for Mortgage  

Certain documents are required in applications for housing credit. These documents vary by local and foreign nationals.

Documents required for Turkish nationals are as the following:

  • Copy of title deed for the property to be purchased
  • Copy of the birth certificate

Documents required for Foreing nationals are as the following:

  • Copy of title deed for the property to be purchased
  • Copy of the passport
  • Taxpayer identification number
  • Document of salary
  • Abstract of account for the last 3 hours
  • Bill document registered in the name of person who will use credit (Electric, Water, Internet Bill)

Important note: At first, it is required to translate the documents we mentioned above for Foreign Nationals into Turkish.

As a Property Company, Stay Property, our skilled staff will give you all kinds of assistance in terms of translating these documents.

As Stay Property, we do not sell only house, we have a large portfolio about villa, land, summer houses, commercial units, investment projects etc.The services we offer are comprehensive and requirement-driven. We provide the required support for all kinds of processes before and after property purchase. We enlarge our service fields to make you a property owner in Alanya that is one of the most beautiful tourism areas in Turkey. We produce our projects and offer you the most beautiful properties of the region for sale.

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